Born to Deliver… An Article on the Importance of Excellent Service

I’m in sales and appreciate the importance of quality service levels offered to my clients. In this day and age, people are so quick to complain when something goes wrong so when I receive service levels that impress me, I make sure to let the appropriate staff know such as a manager at a restaurant or Southwest Airlines corporate.

My husband, AJ and I have found the highest levels of service in a most unexpected way. Years ago, I read a book called ‘The Fred Factor”, about a United States Postal Service deliveryman who delivered here in Colorado. Let me introduce you to our “Fred”. His name is Bill. Bill Born, that is, who also happens to be a USPS delivery man, our delivery man. If ever I have witnessed somebody go above and beyond the “call of duty”, it’s Bill. He takes pride in what he does for a living and it shows!

Me and Bill on a nice Colorado day!

Winter months in Colorado must be lonely for a sociable guy like Bill. I imagine that he possibly gets his route done sooner, too, because we are all inside and not taking up his time.

Let’s fast forward to the springtime in Colorado when everyone comes out of hibernation. My husband owns his own company and I work from home so we move to the great outdoors to enjoy the warm Colorado sun. It’s just as easy to work from our laptops on our front patio or our “Cantina”, as our neighbors have fondly named a different part of our patio.

Also sitting outside basking in the sun, is our little furbaby, Bevo, a gentle-tempered Shih tzu-Poodle mix (Shihpoo), named after the University of Texas Longhorn mascot (not germane to the story, except Bill is a huge college football fan and immediately picked up on the name and college). It’s important to note Bevo’s presence because I believe he’s equally, if not more, excited than us to see Bill’s smiling face each day as his mail truck turns the corner to our street. And there’s a reason.

Bill turns the corner and pulls up to our front yard. He gets out as Bevo watches hesitantly for only a second, until Bill rounds his truck. That’s when our little guy rushes to greet Bill eagerly waiting to receive his daily scratches and belly rubs from his favorite deliveryman.

Sweet, right? Absolutely.

We love that Bill treats our dog so nicely, and Bevo clearly loves him. But what about us, his customers? We have the community mailboxes, so shipping a larger package isn’t easy without concerns that someone might take it. My husband asked Bill about it and Bill gave us a USPS “basket” and has committed to driving by our front porch every day to see if we have a larger package to mail. We get a note in our mailbox every single week informing us of the day that Bill will be off so we know not to expect any large package to go out that day. Talk about personal service. He will do that for anybody who requests it.

So Bill pulls up to our house and we don’t want to take too much of his time, but we do take the opportunity to learn more about him each time he stops by. One of the more recent events in his life that he shared with us is that his daughter has graduated from high school and will be going onto college in the fall (talk about a proud dad)! Of course we have to discuss our preferred college teams during the fall and how they did the previous weekend. We share a love for BBQ and my husband being from Texas tends to be smoking ribs or a brisket when Bill briefly swings by mid-day.

AJ and I would like to think we are friendly people. We know LOTS of neighbors and previously lived only a cul-de-sac away. Bill has served our community’s route for about a year and a half. We can name random people that we are friends with throughout his service route and Bill knows their address. He even usually knows what kind of dog they have! It’s actually become a fun game to play with him and he never ceases to impress us with his knowledge.

He went on vacation around the same time as us this year. We extended our stay in Florida for a few reasons and held our mail officially with the USPS, but I also texted our friend, Bill who replied with “I’m taking care of you.” Do you know your mailman’s name or have their number? What about your local produce guy’s or banker’s name? Anyone whom you interact with frequently for that matter? Everyone has a story and a purpose and both AJ and I find that it’s enjoyable to learn more about other people’s lives who we interact with daily or weekly.

We have Bill’s cell number because we consider him a friend and want to invite him and his family to a BBQ on his day off. We also know our produce people at our local grocery store. We actually get hugs from them when we see them. So many people we encounter on a daily basis are providing a service and sell us products on a daily basis so why not get to know them better?

Every person we encounter leaves a footprint in our lives, Bill’s has been a significant one for us by demonstrating the importance of taking pride in what he does by continuously providing service levels that exceed our, his customer’s, expectations.

We all need more Bill’s in our life. So… who is your “Bill” in life? Comment below! More importantly we should all strive to be someone else’s “Bill”!

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