Have you ever wanted to be an artist? With “My Paint By Numbers”, you can be! Caution: It’s Addicting!

I’m sure everyone remembers the paint by numbers when we were kids. I feel lucky enough to have come across a website for adults and it is so much fun! This is like Canvas and Cocktails on steroids!! I personally love it because it helps me limit technology/social media use.

My first painting- Safari Sunset

My Paint By Numbers offers a large variety of categories to choose from. My personal favorites are the elephants, beach houses and Mediterranean village scenes. There are many companies online offering a variety of options.

It’s as easy as selecting your favorite one, two or three paintings and placing your order! It takes about three weeks to arrive from my company of choice. You can even order a custom canvas piece by uploading a photo. Note: The colors for the custom canvas I painted were not as accurate as the photo and I had to make adjustments on my own.

Included in your order:

  • Canvas with numbers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Numbered paint
  • Some prints include a piece of paper with the matching numbers (this is very handy as you begin to paint). I reference mine a lot. Tip: if your canvas doesn’t include a paper print replica, be sure to take pictures of your canvas with your phone, in sections if necessary, so you can reference it as you begin to paint.

I also bought:

  • A foam board- cut it down to fit the canvas (most are 16 x 20)
  • Clothespins to secure the canvas to the foam board
  • Small tabletop easel

When your canvas arrives, set up your painting area. In addition to clipping the canvas to the foam board and placing on the easel, I have a cup with water, another cup to hold the dry paintbrushes not in use, a folder paper towel and usually my phone and earbuds so I can “watch” Netflix while painting.

I start with the darkest color and my painting journey begins. I fill in all the numbers on the canvas that correspond with that color of paint. Then I continue in order of darkest to lightest of paint. I’ve done it many different ways, this is my favorite. Depending on if you’re left or right-handed, will determine which side of the canvas to start on to avoid smearing areas you’ve already painted. I’m left-handed so I start at the top right corner and make my way to the left and then keep moving down and to the left. Also, I choose to lay the foam board almost flat to paint versus painting upright on the easel. That’s just a matter of personal preference.

Second painting- Beach House Escape


  • There have been times I thought I would run out of a particular color, I never have, it’s okay to be generous so there are white spots in the painted areas. If you do run out or think you will, you can email them with your order number and the color you need and they will send. That could take a few weeks so plan accordingly if you are running low. Worst case, continue on with the other colors and finish that number when the extra paint arrives.
  • If paint seems a little chunky, I just add water and stir it up will, it goes on a lot smoother and will ultimately take less time to complete your painting.
  • As you get close to completing your work, it’s fun to stand back and see your painting come to life. Shadows, accents etc. make it look professional.
  • Work on it when you’re in the mood and take a break when needed. It’s a very rewarding hobby!

You’ve completed your painting! Now what?

My third painting- Small Town By The Sea

Canvas needs to be stretched around stretching bars. I purchase already stretched canvas from Michaels and REMOVE the canvas to use the bars. I bought them on sale for 5 for $10 so the bars (already put together) were only $2/each). If not on sale, you can always use their 40% off coupon they usually have available. Now you can either purchase a canvas stretcher from Amazon and staple gun with staples or take it to Michael’s custom frame shop and have them stretch the canvas for you (which is what I do). If you do it yourself, there are canvas stretching videos available on YouTube.

My Paint By Numbers offers custom canvases from your photos. I painted this photo of Bubba for my mother-in-law. Bubba passed away in November of 2018. Some of the colors were off. Had I used their suggestion, his hair would’ve been green! So I made small adjustments.

It’s time to show off your hard work! Your final task is to pick a frame that compliments not only your painting, but also your home décor.

Happy Painting!

Note: These are my suggestions based on my personal preferences. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any good tips!

Tip: If you’re on Facebook, join the support group as people post their paintings and you may find one that interests you that you would otherwise not see.

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