Mindfulness Matters

Mind·ful·ness [ˈmīn(d)f(ə)lnəs] NOUN

A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique

In July of 2018, I woke up one morning and realized life was passing my by while I stared- far too frequently- into a 5 inch screen. My kids and husband would talk to me and I wouldn’t really hear them because my attention was elsewhere. The time I spent researching current political topics (I thoroughly enjoy discussing politics) was time that could be better spent.

I made the conscious decision to go off of Facebook for two months. Every morning, instead of reading opposing political views and getting into the mindset to research and argue (sometimes with strangers), I completed a guided journal on daily mindfulness and committed myself to being present to those I interacted with.

Wow. What an amazing exercise this was for me. I found that I was more organized and accomplished throughout the day, sleeping more soundly at night, feeling more positive all day, and treating those around me more kindly… including myself!

What did my daily journaling includes?

  • Mantra, Manifesto or Quote of the Day
  • Complete the following sentences:
    • Today, I feel…
    • I will strive to…
    • I hope…
  • Daily Mindfulness questions include:
    • How can I be present? (Everyday I answered, “Stay off or limit technology use”. Everyday I reminded myself of this amongst other answers.
    • How can I be more focused?
    • How can I be more healthy?
    • How can I deal with stress?
    • How can I challenge myself?
    • How can I feel successful?
    • How can I be open to change? (This one was especially important to me and often answered, “Seek to understand others” and “Listen to understand”.
    • How can I help someone?
  • How did I show myself kindness today?
    • Some ways include: Healthy Breakfast, Meditation, Talk to Friends, Exercise, Relaxing Activity, Healthy Lunch, Practice Letting Go, Art, Have Quality “Me” Time, Drink Water, Sleep, Clean, Listen to Music, Talk a Walk, Read, Healthy Dinner
  • In the evening, I complete the following thoughts:
    • What gave me the most joy today?
    • What caused the most stress today?
    • What I need to let go?
    • What I find successful?
    • Three affirmations about myself. I believe in the power of manifestation.
    • Three practices I would like to continue
    • Three things that I would like to improve

It may seem like a lot, but to dedicate just a few minutes of self-reflection to start your day in the right mindset as well as a few minutes to close out your evening for a night of peaceful sleep, it’s worth it. Take the time to take care of you!

Tip: Download the DailyQuote and Motivation apps to start out your morning. But then try to limit your technology use.

An excellent Journal for self-reflection is called Practice You, a journal by Elena Brower.

Comment below as to what you do to nurture your mindfulness.