Nine Beauty Products To Complete Your Look That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On…

As I’ve gotten older, I learned less is more in regards to makeup. The first cosmetic item that I eliminated was eyeliner below my eyes. I found it likes to find it’s way into those creases and crevices that have formed from years of smiling, worrying, sleeping and any other way we abuse the sensitive skin around our eyes.

Actually, I should say, my loving teenage daughters pointed this out. And I’m grateful for their youthful advice as I do feel I look younger.

Change is hard, especially after habits created for more than two and a half decades, but it doesn’t take long to get used to a new, more youthful look.

Here are my favorite and reasonably priced beauty products:

For Lashes:

For Foundation:

For Brows:

For Cheeks:

  • Finish off your look by highlighting your cheeks (feel free to dab the tip of your nose, too with the Sun Dipped Anastasia Glow Kit For blush- pick your favorite brand and color!

Your look is easy and now complete!

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