The Nutrition and Weight Loss App You Can’t Live Without…


Losing weight can feel like a endless battle. It’s simple math, but not simple.all about the numbers. If you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you burn more throughout the day than what you consume, you lose weight. Unfortunately, it feels like the former seems to happen at a faster pace than the latter and it’s frustrating!

Let me introduce the incredible app called MyPlate Calorie Counter. Features include the ability to track daily calories, exercise, water consumption and more!

What I found instantly surprising was the number of calories I was consuming on a daily basis…I had no clue and the number can quickly add up.

To start, you create your profile including your height and your weight. You indicate your ideal weight and how quickly you’d like to lose it based on daily caloric intake and exercise activity level and that will determine the number of calories you should consume.

One of the neatest features of this app is that it syncs to my Apple watch. It tracks my exercise activity and calories burned throughout the day. If you have another device to track your fitness activity, you can manually input your exercise information into the app.

I decided to go aggressive and choose the 1200-daily-calorie option. I learned right off the bat, that 1200 calories is not a lot of food. Having simultaneously resumed doing my own personal at-home step class, I realized that I could “buy” calories. The idea is that I stay at a net 1200 calories consumed daily. By burning calories with moderate to heavy exercise, I could eat more healthy food/snacks throughout the day. Talk about motivation to get up and work out several times a week!

Find a workout you enjoy doing so you will look forward to it and mix it up when you find you’re getting a little bored. My at-home gym that includes a step with risers, free weights, a ten pound medicine ball and a yoga ball and mat. Don’t forget to create a playlist that consists of inspiring workout music which is easy to find in your music app.

MyPlate contains a significant number of pre-populated foods from grocery stores, as well as restaurants. If you can’t find the food you’re looking for, it allows you to input your own information.

My goal is to drink about a gallon of water a day, twenty ounces at a time. I don’t feel bloated anymore, seem to be sleeping better and just feel optimistic overall about my daily nutrition and exercise habits.

Happy Healthy Living!

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