Two Packing Hacks I Can’t Live Without and One Other Tip!


I travel a lot for both work and pleasure. I tend to overpack every single time. I mean, who doesn’t?

One of my favorite trips was last year when I went to London with my sister-in-law. We were only going for a few days so we decided to bring carry-ons. There was no option to overpack for this trip.

I needed to pack 3 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, a swimsuit for the Blue Lagoon in Iceland during our layover, and my toiletries in a smaller than usual piece of luggage. Jeans and sweaters sure can take up a lot of space!

Three sweaters and two pairs of jeans with plenty of space leftover!

I found a couple of tips online and thought I would share. They truly made a difference in the amount of space each article of item occupied- check it out in the picture!

Below is a step by step instruction on how to compact your articles to use as little space as possible.

Step One and Two: Lay your jeans out and fold one leg over the other.

Step One
Step Two

Step Three and Four: Fold one of your pant legs out like in the image below and then start to roll from the waistband all the way down to the straight pant leg.

Step Three
Step Four

Steps Five and Six: Once rolled all the way to the bottom of the straight pant leg, use the part sticking out and wrap around the rolled portion.

Step Five
Step Six

Making room for sweaters… and any other top in four easy steps!

Lay out your top and fold the bottom slightly
Fold over so sleeves are on top of one another
Fold sleeves in and roll sweater from the top to the bottom
Tuck the sweater into the section you rolled in Step One.

I also love the handy packing cubes. I still use the strategies above but pack inside the cube to keep everything organized for longer trips. You can order these on Amazon.

Happy Travels!

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